Natural IV Therapy

IV Therapies

The immune system has the ability to target and remove viruses, bacteria, and harmful cells and protect healthy cells. In some patients, however, the immune system becomes dysfunctional and cannot keep up with demands due to chronic illness, autoimmunity, or vitamin deficiency. This is why it is important to support a healthy immune system by ensuring that levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients in the body are adequate. The skilled professionals at Healthcare With Heart may request a micronutrient test that helps to identify specific functional deficiencies and support those with targeted vitamin IV therapies.

Weight Loss & Detox

While there's no such thing as a magic bullet, it is possible to pair a diet and exercise regimen with nutrient injections and IV vitamin therapy to help achieve healthy weight loss goals. Vitamin injections may aid weight loss by promoting healthy production of energy and supporting vitamin cofactors used in producing ATP and other important metabolic processes.

Replenish Anti-Oxidants

Our bodies require antioxidants for a variety of immune, detoxifying, and anti-carcinogenic functions. IV therapies can safely increase antioxidants like Vitamin C, Glutathione, and trace minerals that can become depleted with poor diet, smoking, alcohol intake, acute illness, and chronic diseases. Antioxidants play an important role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, supporting our bodies in clearing chemicals and drugs, and promoting proper cell scavenging and clean-up.

Myers' Cocktail

The Myers' Cocktail is among the most popular and commonly used intravenous (IV) vitamin protocols. This nutrient protocol contains many of the most important vitamins and minerals that the body needs to thrive, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, selenium, B vitamins, and more. Our skilled professionals are trained in identifying your specific needs and can tailor a vitamin infusion to the illnesses you may be currently experiencing. This formula may help with headaches, neurological complaints, fatigue, immune support during acute illness, hangovers, athletic performance and recovery, and general mood support.

What People Are Saying

Patient Review One

"I have been a patient of this office for several years now and have never in my life received better care. I have a physician who actually cares about my health and has stood by me in my journey for better and more natural health. If you're interested in getting better, want to be treated like a person instead of a number, would like to have a Dr that will fight for you, listen to your concerns and actually try to do something about them, try this office. Dr. Carroll is hands down the most compassionate Dr. I have ever had the pleasure of having treatment from. He believes in utilizing a holistic approach to Healthcare With Heart when possible and that is what I like. Any Dr. can write a prescription but it takes a real doctor to actually "treat" a patient. If you want real treatment, try this office."

- Tracy Cummins

Patient Review Two

"I cannot express enough - my gratitude and appreciation for Dr Ron and his office and staff. Dr Ron and Sheryl has walked with me through a healing journey with breast cancer and they have always gone so much above and beyond for me in my care. Dr Ron has always listened to what I needed - above all else. That is So HARD to find in our crazy medical system. This is medicine. This is healing. This is encouragement. This is hope. I have seen a LOT of doctors in my healing journey. We don't need all the answers, we just need sincere communication and our healing team to LISTEN. If you are looking for healthcare that truly does have is your home. I drive an hour to see Dr Ron - it's worth every minute."

- Layce Colt Murray

Patient Review Three

"Dr. Barbot is an amazing doctor he actually sits and listens, and is very kind and his staff and nurses are amazing as well"

- Felicia Torres

Patient Review Four

"My Mother sees a NP at this office. Calls are either not returned or not returned timely. She is on medicine that needs routine monitoring and it is such a hassle to have it done because this office is not helpful or consistent. We called last Friday and left a message that she needed an appointment, it is now Tuesday and we haven't heard anything from them. Very dissatisfied with the care my mother receives. Update Lisa and staff went out of their way to see my Mom I really appreciate all they did and continue to do for her. I have changed from 1 star to 5 stars because they earned it!"

- Pamela Sue Chandler

Patient Review Three

Dr. Ben is the best doctor I have ever had as my PCP because he actually cares on and off the clock thank you Dr.Ben keep up all the great work your doing.. P.S. WISH WE HAD MORE DOCTORS OUT HERE THAT ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THERE PATIENTS LIKE DR.BEN


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