Frequently Asked Questions

Naturopathic physicians are truly the experts at providing integrative medicine.

We are trained from the onset to identify the underlying causes of illness, to treat the whole person, and provide therapies specific to each patient’s needs.

We spend time with our patients and honor the individuality of who they are. Our patients are never treated like just another patient with a disease for which the only answer is a prescription medication.

Your healing journey at Healthcare With Heart begins with a comprehensive visit with one of our skilled physicians.

After listening to your story to discover your unique needs, together we will establish your next best steps. We have different providers who specialize in different treatments, whether holistic or traditional medicine.

You can expect a comprehensive review of your body’s functions, your lifestyle, your medical history, your supplements and medications, and your feelings about healing and your life.

We will order specific lab tests for you. You may receive an initial treatment plan to get you feeling better more quickly that may include: reading assignments, lifestyle counseling, specific supplements, a prescription for bio-identical hormones, or maybe a unique herbal formula made just for you.

Yes, we accept all major forms of insurance coverage, including HMO, PPO, Medicaid, Medicare, Workers Comp and other commercial insurance.

Most insurance companies do not cover naturopathic medical services, though some plans may cover as "out of network" providers. Your lab testing is usually covered as well.

Unless our medical clinic has a contract with your insurance company, you will be billed for any balance that the insurance company has not paid. You will be billed for any personal items requested that are not covered by insurance whether Healthcare With Heart has a contract with your insurance company or not.

Definitely. We strongly recommend you use these funds to pay for your services at Healthcare With Heart. These plans give you the freedom to choose the type of medical provider and care you desire.

In addition, nutritional supplements sold out of our office are valid prescriptions and can be paid for through your HSA.

Flex spending accounts vary in their coverage, so please inquire with your company.

Our bodies, like nature, have the inherent ability to maintain and restore health.

Naturopathic medicine uses natural medicines and therapies that are in harmony with natural processes, preferring non-invasive treatments that minimize the risks of harmful side effects.

Naturopathic medicine is a primary health care system founded on the honored medical principle that “Nature Heals”. Health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state one attains when body, mind, and spirit are perfectly balanced. Naturopathic doctors seek to help individuals find this balance by utilizing the guiding principals of our profession:

  • First Do No Harm
  • Restore and Support Your Inherent Healing Systems
  • Find the Underlying Causes of Illness
  • Treat the Whole Person
  • Doctor as Teacher
  • Adopt Prevention
  • Emphasize Wellness

For more information about Naturopathic Medicine, see the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine.

Idaho is one of only 15 states granting licensure to four-year, clinically trained Naturopathic Physicians. As of March 2019, naturopaths are licensed in Idaho. The bill will go into effect July 2020. Naturopaths who have graduated from an accredited naturopathic school and who have passed the national licensing exam are eligible for licensure.